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  • Jay and Silent Bob official artwork
  • 3-stage chamber, aluminum frame
  • Precision teeth, sifting screen, stash component
  • Available in black and red
Grinder Setup Multi Chamber Grinders
Size 3-stage
Color Red and Black

This solid Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash 3-part grinder is made entirely out of CNC (computer numeric controlled) green aluminum and measures 50 mm / 2 inches in diameter. It has a pocket-size design and is equipped with razor sharp teeth that effortlessly shred your favorite dry herbs into a fluffy, more manageable consistency.

The bottom part of this 3-part grinder unscrews to reveal the pollen screen and a kief catching bottom that collects and safely stores your precious pollen for later use. Gathering the pollen dust is made extremely easy with the included plastic scraper.

A nylon friction ring ensures smooth, wear-free grinding and the grinder has a magnetized lid for safety. The lid and the bottom of the grinder are decorated with official Secret stash decals.

This durable 3-part grinder will last a lifetime if looked after and maintained correctly. Check out our incredible range of grinders and other smoking accessories available to order today at, your number one online head shop.